This website is to update all AWU members and Arrium workers about the ongoing situation at Arrium. We will continue to provide updates as new information comes to hand – please check here for regular updates. 

What is the Union doing?

Your Union has been intensively negotiating with the administrators, all levels of government and the company’s creditors over the last few days to ensure that workers are looked after and that the company gets back on its feet. These negotiations are ongoing.

We will continue to communicate with all members via this website, directly on your worksites and via email. 

Will the company cease trading?

Recent indications from the administrators is that the company will continue to trade and has enough cash and incoming business to pursue a restructure and recapitalisation of the business. We will update you immediately if information comes to hand that this is no longer the case.

What about my entitlements?

Presently with no secured creditors,workers are at the front of the queue for payment of their entitlements should the company cease trading. However, the Union is hopeful that the company can trade out of its difficulties and thus a payout of entitlements will not be required.

What is the government doing?

The AWU is working hard with all governments to ensure that Arrium gets the support that it needs. There are ongoing discussions regarding support for Arrium in the form of co-investments, procurement and enforcement of anti-dumping laws. The AWU has given evidence to the Senate and publicly called for the use of Australian steel in Australian infrastructure and construction projects. 

What happens next? 

The Union is seeking to represent all members during this administration process. 

As part of this process, the AWU is appearing in the Federal Court this week to ensure that members can be automatically represented by the Union at the First Creditors Meeting on 19 April 2016. If this action is successful the AWU will automatically represent all members during the First Creditors Meeting.